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All judges are appointed by the king. Their contradictory status prompted the peasants to resist the state.

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More than half of the population lives in cities and urban settlements. Trade relations with northern Germany, the Netherlands, England, and Scotland expanded.

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Among the largest are the Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. Lofthus obliged the Danish government to enact several economic reforms. At first Sverre drew his support from the birkebeiner, many of whom were impoverished peasants. Large landholders also sold their domains, which had become unprofitable. The social and economic changes in Norway affected the political situation.

The Moss Convention of promised the Norwegian crown to the Swedish king but guaranteed the Norwegian constitution. With the attainment of independence the bourgeois revolution in Norway was completed. The transition from a pre-class society to an early class society was marked by a large-scale outward expansion, known as the Viking campaigns, from the late eighth to the midth century. There was a growth of national consciousness.

The actions of the fascist German occupation regime, headed by the Nazi Gauleiter J. Royal power played a major role in the development of feudalism in Norway. Norway has a dense network of mountain rivers with deep and narrow valleys, many rapids, and high waterfalls of up to m. Norwegian noblemen were henceforth given state offices both in Norway and Denmark.

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Kitchen middens and numerous rock carvings of deer dating from the Mesolithic have been found. Copper, iron, and silver were mined, watch dating agency cyrano drama crazy and merchant shipping developed.

During the Anthropogene, Norway was covered by an ice cap. The Union of Kalmar was an important step in the subjugation of Norway by Danish kings and feudal lords. All the ministers together constitute the Council of State, headed by the king, which discusses important bills and questions of administration. Most of the land became the property of former tenants and other bonders. Ueland, the opposition called for parliamentary control over officials, economy in state expenditures, abolition of land taxes, and local self-government.

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Norway has well-defined tundra and forest zones. In the first decade after independence industrialization accelerated and Nowegian capitalism entered the monopoly stage. Growing anti-Danish sentiment led to disturbances among peasants and urban dwellers. Many fjelds are covered with ice caps, among the largest of which are Jostedalsbreen and Folgefonni. The high fjelds support mountain-tundra and tundra-meadow vegetation and have permanent snow and glaciers.

Although they remained personally free, the bonders were deprived of some of their rights, and their social status declined. The judiciary is composed of courts of original and appellate jurisdiction and a supreme court. Commodity-money relations developed rapidly, accompanied by a stratification of the peasantry. Social and economic change led to an intensification of the class struggle. Moreover, such internationally famous cultural figures as H.

The things, originally local peasant self-governing bodies, were now subordinated to royal representatives, who also controlled the courts. During the transition to the Iron Age, which began about B. These concessions strengthened the position of big capital, promoted the concentration of capital, and encouraged the influx of foreign capital.