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Then in January of Ackermann's Repository of Fashion launched. Instead, I had to cut two quarter-circles and sew them together, aeternum latino dating so I was covering the crown in a cone of fabric. The book contains some really lovely fashion plates of the day which will be of great interest to anyone interested in the history of costume.

So the full circle was not to be. There should also be a strip of lace along the edge of the upper brim, and I swear I had that piece of lace. The maker shaped the bonnet based on period templates. Also many crazy quilters print on fabric vintage images then incorporate these into their crazy quilt blocks they are the modern equivalent to cigarette silks. The brim cover was a single piece of fabric, gathered into the crown on both sides.

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They have a charm of their own that delighted me. These came in cigarette packets and women used to collect them and they got used in crazy quilts.

It is easy to forget the squalor, poor hygiene, stench and infestations which our forefathers endured. The bands and ties are made of silk batiste. But, on the plus side, there is a lot of scenery around, such as a baroque city center nearby and a few pictorial hunting lodges.

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To make my bonnet less boring, I placed the flowers in a rather unusual way. One of my favorite staples of the magazine are the fashion plates. Fashion plate description for September This is one of the fashion plate descriptions. Anglo Indian coquilla nut and ivory table candlesticks.

Especially by the second last one on the far left and a bit by the first on the far right side. Image Ruby Lane The coquilla nut is in fact the fruit of the Brazilian Palm, which is closely related to the coconut palm. There are also occasional embroidery patterns, especially in later issues. Then the weather made photos impossible with stints of pouring rain, followed by singeing sun.

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England was at war against the French Napoleonic War - so there were a considerable number of widows and families in mourning during at this time. Check back soon for the Fashion plates. So grab a cup of coffee and join me for a browse through a fascinating piece of history! But somewhere in the months since I got it, that single yard of lace seems to have wandered away into the ether. If you are interested here is an article about Cigarette Silks.

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The tree also offers up a stiff, wiry leaf fiber that is used for making brooms and rope. Supposedly, fleas attracted by the blood would enter the trap and get stuck to the honey or resin. The nut is inches long, and has a very hard, richly streaked brown shell that is capable of taking a fine polish.

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But now, to the finished bonnet! Coquilla nuts were also made into umbrella handles, candlesticks, and dice cups. It was meant for a photoshoot, but the weather did not play along. Today with the aid of computers, many quilters print images on their own fabric and use the prints in the tradition of cigarette silks.

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