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However, if we receive a message of type AuthenticationSuccess or AuthenticationFailure, we use the Become method docs to switch behaviors to either Authenticated or Unauthenticated, respectively. When Is the New Behavior Applied?

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Periodical snapshot by snapshot-after

Done goto Done stop case Event BankAccount. But how do messages get queued? If the Done business acknowledgement is received the system will send a Deposit message to the to ActorRef and transition to the AwaitTo state. During the state change, the old state data is available via stateDatastateData as shown, and the new state data would be available as nextStateDatanextStateData. If the Done business acknowledgement is received the system will send a Done business acknowledgement to the original sender.

In order to guarantee that a message is received by an actor we need to be able to send a message more than once and at least once. It will stay in the Active state as long as messages keep arriving and no flush is requested. When the system is in the AwaitTo state the only two messages that can be received are the Done or Failure from the to ActorRef. The observant reader might have noticed that the isDefinedAt function uses the stateFunction rather than the list of messages received by the proxy in the apply function. The state timeout of any state may be changed during action processing with setStateTimeout state, duration.

Finite State Machines

When multiple identical messages can be sent to an actor, the actor needs to determine whether the received message is to be processed unless a pure function is implemented. The dual view is to describe it as a series of transitions. The Wire Transfer example, as the name implies, refers to the problem of transferring money from one bank account to another.

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When overriding the receive method, keep in mind that e. If the precondition fails a Failed message is sent to the client. The state machine will start in the Initial state with all values uninitialised represented by the UninitializedWireTransferData.

In this Initial state the WireTransfer actor can receive a Transfer message which will initiate the transfer. This is enabled by the method onTransition handler which associates actions with a transition instead of with a state and event.

Its internal state is persisted as a sequence of changes, later referred to as domain events. The easiest fit for these requirements are case objects. We will package this data in the InitialisedWireTransferData object. If the to ActorRef replies with Done, the WireTransfer actor sends a Done business acknowledgement to the original client and terminates. Initially, prior to receiving the Transfer message, the from, to, amount and sender will be undefined.

This is because most Akka. We can safely switch actor message-processing behavior because Akka. For example, dating online free philippines bold if you set akka.

This is deliberate since we only want to proxy any messages which were defined in the original function and ignore anything else. We will also extend this example to show how one can implement At Most Once semantics. String identifiers should be unique! This system needs some authentication. Switchable behavior is one of the most powerful and fundamental capabilities of any true actor system.

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If you want to cancel a default timeout, use Duration. It should be noted, however, that all handlers will be invoked for each transition, not only the first matching one. These messages will be defined in the BankAccount companion object. Initiating the transition with an explicit timeout may be used to override this default, see Initiating Transitions for more information. We will define this message in the WireTransfer companion object together with the Done and Failed business acknowledgments.

Note Same-state transitions can be implemented when currently in state S using goto S or stay. Additionally the original sender which should receive the business acknowledgement should be stored. Warning In case you override postStop and want to have your onTermination handler called, do not forget to call super. If the stateTimeout parameter is given, then all transitions into this state, including staying, receive this timeout by default. To switch behaviors in an UntypedActor, you have to access Become and Unbecome via the ActorContext, instead of calling them directly.

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You may set a timer using setTimer name, msg, interval, repeat where msg is the message object which will be sent after the duration interval has elapsed. Later it's modified only as a result of applying domain events. We called Authenticating from the constructor, so our actor began in the Authenticating state.