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Memri provides important translations of the Arabic media. Pick up the phone and make a solidarity call to your Israeli friends and relatives.

You can say them in Hebrew or English. Winners were chosen on a point system and judged on technicality, emotionality and composition. Ultimately, the reviving of our devotion to the Almighty is going to bring about the reviving of the land, and our people as a whole.

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The impact of even a few extra minutes of Torah learning is enormous. Write a letter and express appreciation for their self-sacrifice in valiantly defending our people and our land. By setting an example of higher Jewish moral and ethical standards, we can strengthen the nation of Israel and by extension, the State of Israel.

This will build your bond with the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Distribute literature on college campuses. Even the cashier in the supermarket needs good information.

When you are in Israel, donate blood. You can send prayers via the Western Wall at thewall. The Internet is a great resource for getting an accurate picture of what is really happening in the conflict. Jerusalem was destroyed because of people speaking negatively about each other, so that is the way we can rebuild Jerusalem.

Yad Ezra v'Shulamit sends tons of food to Israeli families being attacked by Hamas rockets. Reach out to residents in danger with your time, money and other resources. To conserve energy, take simple measures like making sure your tires are properly inflated, using compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home, verica vekic dating and buying energy-efficient cars and appliances. Be a roving ambassador for Israel by explaining the true facts to everyone you meet.

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Now imagine that it was, God forbid, your son, husband, or your best friend. Before you go to sleep each night, go through your day, review your behavior, and resolve what you can do better.

Encourage others to give charity for Israel, too. Become an e-mail pen pal to someone in Israel. No prayer goes to waste and the gates of tears are never closed. And victims were also forced to eat the remains of their colleagues, it was alleged.

Before you do any one of the mitzvot, have in mind that God should use this merit to help protect Israel. Look at pictures of soldiers standing in a tank. Stare at a picture of a soldier who has been killed in action.

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Hasbara Fellowships is doing great work on this front. Our Judge panel had a very difficult job in narrowing down the winners this year as there were many excellent entries. Protest at the consulates of those countries who have minimized the anti-Semitic activities taking place in their countries. We are appreciative of their time and efforts. Learning about the Holocaust helps us appreciate the depth of anti-Semitism and its root causes.

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Visiting Israel will show Israelis that you really care, and will make a tremendous difference to your own sense of connection. The worst thing to do is to remain quiet in times like this. Attend a class about Judaism, or pick something from the recommended reading list. Make a commitment to a specific increase in the amount of time you learn each day.

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United With Israel helps build bomb shelters in Israeli communities under attack. When you discover a piece of bias, contact the news agency and complain. Write and call and boycott if necessary any governments that are complicit in anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities. Even if our actions do not appear to influence the overall outcome of events, at the very least we succeed in changing ourselves. And pray for the Arabs to realize the true nature of their leadership and doctrines that teach hate and murder.

For daily news, visit the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel. Hold a rally in your city. While birth is beautiful, it is also messy and real.

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It's a mitzvah to cry and feel another's pain. Yad Eliezer sends thousands of gift packs to soldiers near Gaza. With the Israeli economy suffering, go out of your way to support Israel's export trade. Find ways to introduce democratic values into Palestinian society.

And that, in and of itself, is an important victory. Blood libels and fabrications of Israeli-sponsored massacres are common. The possibilities are endless.

Work to end the terrible traffic accidents in the land of Israel which claim lives each year. Each of us, on whatever level of observance, must strive to connect.

It is difficult to truly care about people and situations from which we are distant. You can join a media watch email list at HonestReporting. With all the hatred in the Palestinian media, textbooks, etc. The only way to stand against our enemies is to lay down our differences and become one. Educate the Palestinian public.