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Producing their own material, the band was heavily influenced by Metallica. Often attributed for their live performances, the band rarely perform in large venues such as arenas and amphitheaters. That's what makes the album special to me. Apart from the songs and the sound, it's me, Emmett, Kadak and Loko. Butterfingers performed with Greg Henderson who had replaced Loque, who was back in Boston.

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During their English language era, the band's primary lyricist was Emmett, while Loque was the primary songwriter throughout the band's conception. The album went on to earn Butterfingers their first Double Platinum Award. Add to Favorites I like Tweet. Impressed with what he saw, Loque challenged Emmett to a? Many of the locals had the impression that their demo was an unreleased Nirvana album.

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Butterfingers music is often characterised under the genre of Grunge. Loque approached him to form a new band, which they finally settled on Butterfingers for the band's name. After meeting up with drummer Kalai Khairul Nizam Mois later that year, photo search Butterfingers was officially formed. We make records so we can go out and play for the people.

Drummer Loko Muhammad Hafiz has replaced Kalai by this time. Please help by adding reliable sources. The album was well received by fans and critics alike. They have since produced six studio albums. Instead, they regularly plays smaller venues.

Thankfully, I'm happier now and can put food on the table with monoloQue. During one of his visits he bumped into Emmett, who was there jamming with his own band at the time, Grunge Dayz. Not long after, Butterfingers was a hit in the local underground scene, playing in packed gigs. To gather old fans and play the old songs. Their sophomore album, Butter Worth Pushful, was released in to a rapidly growing fanbase of Malaysian underground scene.

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The band released a second album, entitled? Later, the grunge genre was making waves in Malaysia and Loque's Tail decided to have a change in their musical direction from metal to grunge and punk.

After returning from Boston, Loque started a new project called monoloQue. That's what it's all about for us.

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And I don't know how I came up with those songs. Butterfingers, the Malaysian rock band, is one of the biggest bands in the Malaysian indie scene, and a pioneer of Malaysian underground scene. So when you say Butterfingers, it has to be all of us because people want to hear Emmett, they want to hear Kadak's sound, and Loko. Their new direction was at first shunned by diehard fans, but as they toured more, Butterfingers had cemented themselves as a tour de force in the Malaysian indie scene.

No matter how you take me out of the equation. There's always a stigma with Butterfingers. With the positive feedback and confidence received from the gig, they decided to record more songs. Please like our facebook page!

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