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Among the fruit trees most fitting to be planted are mangoes, guavas, santol, star apples, and bananas.

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The Chinese residents were merchants, masons, woodcarvers, carpenters, agriculturists and labourers. The navigable river with which the town was endowed allowed shipping vessels to transport commodities to and from other chief localities, particularly the imperial Manila. The Chinese have long been part in Guagua's social and economic mainstream. For vegetables, sitao, upo, ampalaya, dating muslims gabi and cucumber are the most commonly produced by farmers and which thrive best in the community. It is only a meter above sea level.

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Guagua, Pampanga

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At the turn of the twentieth century, a new system of education was introduced and made popular and available to the Filipinos. Being void of forest areas, its fauna are mostly the domesticated ones like, chicken, ducks, cattle, and others. From its income classification in as a third-class municipality, Guagua grew to a first-class one. The town is strategically located along a river which played a vital role in trade and transportation during the precolonial era.

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