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Disston saws dating sim, the Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture

This method must have had in a high rejection rate. Although stamps and etches have the disadvantage of becoming obscured, they are useful for brand identity at the time the product is being sold.

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Not only does the maker want to make a sale, he wants the buyer to come back for more and tell his friends about it as well. In addition, the medallion sits in a shallow mortice, not unlike the split nut variety. The hook is still featured on this saw. This evidence is the basis for putting this medallion first on the list, a departure from other type studies.

The medallion study will be more helpful for dating a handsaw's year of manufacture than the etch. Another change is in the order and dating of several of the pre-Civil War medallions.

The beak on the top front of a backsaw handle appears only on saws with either no medallion or the medallion on the right. One for full-sized saws and the other for panel saws and backsaws.

Henry Disston and Sons, circa While the exact date of this particular nut is not known, it is the last of the split nut type. The oldest Disston saws seem to be the few that exist with no medallion. There are few saws with a Henry Disston etch.

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Disston Etches and Name Stamps

Hamilton was listed in the city directory living in his father's house on Front Street. The etches were soon changed over to large block-style letters. This helps us cut our date range by a decade. Two examples of each are shown for clarity. As before, this is a work in progress and will be revised again when the need arises.

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Disston back saw for dating

Could the assumptions that seems to be so common about dating these saws be wrong? Later saws featured a large letter V.

The name changes came as Henry Disston's adult sons became his business partners. The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, nicki minaj dating list and backsaws.

After that the etch changed to the hyphenated version. Collectors like Phil Baker have much more data than I, and Mr. However, it does share a number of unique traits with the next medallion, which uses the earliest of the domed nuts which do not require a special screwdriver for tightening. The appearance of about ten pre-Civil War medallions that were not in the original timeline indicates that there is more work to do, but it has not been easy.

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