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The best part of this application is that you can define the salary completely according to the nature of your organisation. Monthly Reports Off the Record, No. Learn how to use the payroll software with the help of payroll process demo videos provided, and the Help Pages. It makes payroll processing a simple job that any company can accomplish in-house.

What's New in Software Employment Category. All employees of a covered unit, whose monthly incomes excluding overtime, bonus, leave encashment does not exceed Rs. Define Gratuity on selective allowances. User can check declaration forms multiple times in our payroll management software before the final one is submitted to the management towards filing of Income Tax.

How to Calculate PF and ESI with Example in 2018

In case, the salary goes above Rs. Define Grade wise pay scale on allowances like the Govt. Source Code Buy Source Code. Get Automatic Payroll Processing done within few clicks and see how easy it is to do automatic salary calculation.

Maximum Control and Savings Servagya-Payroll is powerful, yet easy to use. This, in turn, makes the Payroll process smoother.


You can add unlimited salary components as per your requirement, to create a salary structure that suits your business, statutory norms and state regulations. Accordingly, Servagya-Payroll has been developed to expedite the various payroll tasks and ultimate delivery of payroll. However, in such a case, the employer is not bound to match the extra contribution of the employee. Even Variable components can be easily accommodated in the payroll processing.

Define employee and employer Labour Welfare fund amount. Remember Me Forgot Password? Our payroll knowledge and programming expertise make Servagya-Payroll sophisticated and packed with features, yet easy enough for anybody to use.


If the gross salary of an employee exceeds Rs. The emphasis at Servagya-Payroll has always been flexibility and ease to use.

Reports Individual employee payslip and Comprehensive Salary Sheet for all employees. It is generally accepted that Payroll Management is a repetitive administrative activity. The salary, however, does not include annual bonus, retrenchment compensation, encashment of leave and gratuity. Define Multiple Deduction Heading.

Servagya-Payroll is powerful, yet easy to use. Pricing close Thank you for the enquiry. With this simple solution, you can easily track and maintain a record of the number of leaves and the type of leave availed by the staff. Overtime Allowance can be defined on separate allowances with their own formula as per requirement. The salary components can be standard or highly specific to your industry.

You can include deductions and earnings and generate your own formulae. Platforms Web App Windows Macintosh. You can update the Salary Configuration Periodically, with salary revisions and apply them for the subsequent pay cycle. With Payroll Processing Software, you can generate mandatory reports like individual employee payslip and Comprehensive Salary Sheet for all employees. Payroll is an intuitive payroll processing application that automates salary payment calculations, includes statutory components and generates payslips.

Link with any type of Computerized Punching Machine. Post Buy Requirement close Thank you for the enquiry. Quick links Release notes Help Download Brochure.

For Advance, you can generate a suitable recovery plan. These amounts will be calculated on monthly gross salary and a limit is setup. Maintaining these customary laws and frameworks take a toll on companies.

All industrial workers drawing a salary of up to Rs. Get Quote close Thank you for the enquiry. Maintain the records of Actual Payroll employees and Off the payroll employees in the same company No.

You can easily define a highly customizable salary structure specific to your industry standards, company specifications, or requirements and employee category. Servagya-Payroll software, weighted by payroll preparation, are simplified and automated. Payroll Software is Free to download.

Whatever payroll structure your company has, you can configure the application to suit that. Easy to Install and use The emphasis at Servagya-Payroll has always been flexibility and ease to use. For example, if the salary of an employee is raised to Rs. Your information will be secured by SoftwareSuggest.

Our payroll software gives you all the information and options you need to process your own payroll in-house and save money. Thank you for the enquiry. However, in case if you have specific requirements, we will customise the software for you accordingly. With the pre-configuration, you can run payroll easily, during every wage cycle for all employees, by just click of a button! These beautiful and professional looking pay slips can also be generated as pdf documents, suitable to be emailed, or printed.

Eligibility for ESI deduction

Professional Tax is collected by the employers from the monthly salaries of the employees and penalties are charged if there is failure in collecting or failing to pay professional taxes. Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements. Cookies are important to the proper functioning of this site.

And the deducted amount will be calculated on the increased gross salary, i. You can generate individual pay slips for employees at the end of each pay period. You can set components applicable for Variable or Fixed pay, according to your company salary structure. This software comes with most of the requirements of Indian Payroll System.

The software allows efficient processing for one-time benefits like gratuity and leave-encashment and periodic benefit calculations like for bonus. Professional Tax calculation is available for all Indian States. Define Multiple Calculation mode for each earning and Deduction. Since you can add your components, and fully configure the payroll software to suit your company needs, telugu childrens rhymes benefits and components management becomes very easy. Just one step away from selecting the right software.

How to Calculate PF and ESI with Example in 2018

Rules To Calculate Contribution For ESI and PF Deduction

Configure the salary components for each employee. Gross salary is described as the total income earned while working in a job, before any deductions made for health insurance, social security and state or federal taxes. Salary Formula Configuration Create your own salary formula with desired components. Define Leave Encashment on selective allowances. Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of knowledge.

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