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When Steven meets David, he mistrusts him immediately. Steven confronts David on a street corner and demands he leaves Nicole alone. Nicole goes with Laura and Toby to the mall, where David corners her in the women's restroom, claiming they have something special and demanding her to be his forever. David tries to enter using the code to the main door that Nicole once told him, but Steven and Laura barricade everyone inside, while Nicole, Margo and Toby hide upstairs. He shoves Nicole to the ground when she tries to stop him, giving her a black eye.

Relationship Timeline

Although David is nice to Nicole, he keeps her out past curfew and soon shows an aggressive nature when he assaults her friend Gary Todd Caldecott. The two begin a relationship. Steven trashes the house in anger. David gets ready to execute Steven but Nicole prevents this by stabbing David in the back with a peace pipe which David himself won for Nicole at a carnival on one of their dates.

Through a window, she witnesses Margo smoking crack and having sex with David. They eventually sleep together while Steven and Laura are away on a business trip.

Nicole breaks up with David but, ultimately, she changes her mind and the two continue their relationship. Both men continue to fight until Steven pushes David through her bedroom window to his death on the rocks below. Nicole and her father embrace, sim dating apps free knowing they are safe. Steven rushes at David and the pair get into a furious brawl.

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Later, David returns home and promptly realizes Steven has been there. With the relationship over, David becomes obsessed with Nicole, tattooing his own chest with her name. Still suspicious, Steven checks into David's background and learns that David has had a severely troubled life in foster care.

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This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Nicole leaves without being seen. Laura injures Hacker with a drill who is then taken to hospital by Knobby. Retrieving Larry's keys, Toby sneaks inside and un-cuffs both his parents.