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Yeah, I do see a Kareena Kapoor hangover in Tammanah's expressions! At least the sets and dance of the original gelled with the cinema of that time but this new one is so gaudy and badly made. Sick of people like you saying crap about Katrina's looks. Tamannah also need a sugar daddy Like Katrina had. And of course, the new one lacks soul.

And the wait is finally over. Ajay can't dance to save his life, he has no energy whatsoever, and he looks too old for Tamanna.

Himmatwala (2013) All Songs Lyrics and Videos

Sridevi looks like a goddess. Katrinalover, I have to say that I had to read your poorly written diatribe like three or four times just to make sure I was not imagining what I was reading. Tamanna is over expressive in this song, she's not in a club for gods sake! This movie'll run successfully only for Tamannah.

All women of colour who remain at the top of their respective crafts globally. She reminds me of kareena! Kajol and Rani are actually quite dark whereas Sridevi has a normal complexion. Plus he's not very attractive.

This naturally beautiful girl has looked the same throughout her career, all but for the effects of aging probably. Sajid Khan is such a loser.

Old one is million times better! And the main thing in my opinion, the original has soul. Tamannah is so beautiful, and she can actually express while dancing, something the current lot of heroines lack. Please do not oversell her. Tamanna is over expressive she used to do the same in her early tamil films and was criticized for it, yet she did it again!

Himmatwala (2013) All Songs Lyrics and Videos

But coming back to the song, I think it's clear to everyone that Ajay can't dance and looks baaaad. World title so did a lot of dark women in the past.

Naino Mein Sapna video song from HIMMATWALA 2013

She has awkward looking facial features and a strange body. Her lips are the same and so are her nose and her complexion.

Whereas Sridevi is more composed, graceful and in control. No actress can ever come close to the magic of the iconic Sridevi.

Pinkvilla Video himmatwala. Katrina lover, Katrina's great advantage was her average looking face. The girl is so beautiful, latest hip hop songs for she reminds me a lot of Juhi Chawla.

Ajay will never be a good dancer, that's why he has minimum dancing here. Jitendra was so spontaneous in the original video. Ajay Can't dance to save his life.

Naino Mein Sapna video song from HIMMATWALA 2013

Classics should never be touched. You cheapen even the one you love by even insinuating that skin complexion has anything to do with it. Sajid should give some chance to new actors yaar.

Tamannah bhatia is gorgeous! Which world are you talking about?

Naino Mein Sapna video song from HIMMATWALA

Copied an old hit song and still doesn't make it work. As much as I like Tamannah and Ajay, I have to say they are completely mismatched in here.

The fact is we ourselves are the biggest racists of all. Has she won any major acting awards? My favorite actresses are Madhuri, Sushmita, and Vidya.

Himmatwala 2013 Video Songs

She reminds me more of Shreya Ghoshal a lot more than Juhi Chawla! Actually, not a patch on Ooh La La either! So does Ajay and Tamannaah's chemistry work for you? And this Tamannah lady has no energy at all. Maybe you need an eye check-up.

Himmatwala 2013

Vidya Balan takes the cake in those areas. She looks old enough to be his mother'. Tamanna is beautiful, but is not a great dancer. Ofcourse Indians would drool over Tammana-she's fair! No wonder we are stuck in a rut because of ppl like you!

Not a patch on the original. Mentioning Madhuri in the same breath as Sridevi, Kajol and Rani is ridiculous. She dances well and looks great.

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