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Love Is Always There Lyrics. Love De Youths Dem Lyrics. Jah Love Lyrics Sizzla Non-album songs. Rastafari Sizzla Full Lyrics. Sizzla Be humble and wise be humble and wise Speaketh the truth and not the lies, yo Just be strong as the I, vivah movie for mobile even I will help the I Rastafari paradise.

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Jah Is Love


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Sizzla - Jah Is Love Lyrics

All I want to do is make you love me like this, all I want to do is make you touch me like this All I want to do is make you love. Listen up words up, be not so ignorant blacker reverence time fi di youth dem hail Haile Selassie Too much sufferation mi cyaan bear no more Brutalization them don't love the poor so me Play the.

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