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Infuriated by the loss of his men, Sum orders the capture of Sing and Bone, intending to kill them for causing trouble and posing as gang members. Leung Siu Lung as The Beast. Chan Kwok Kwan as Brother Sum. Sing narrowly frees themselves with his lock-picking skill, surprising Sum who allows them to join the gang once they have killed a man. There are two references to Chow's previous film, Shaolin Soccer.

Hong Kong portal Film portal s portal. Sing easily dispatches the gangsters before facing the Beast. Sum berates the Beast for letting his rivals escape and in return, the Beast kills Sum, then takes over the Axe Gang and wages an all-out assault on the Pigsty Alley. Florida Film Critics Circle.

In the scene in which Sing robs the ice cream vendor, a poster for the film Top Hat is in the background. After becoming unpopular in the Taiwanese film market in the late s following a visit to China, he switched to a career in business. We'll need a lot of new actors.

It took me a while to figure out who the hero was. Sing's failed attempt in intimidating a Pig Sty village farmer, who punches him square in the stomach. Set in Canton, China in the s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member.

Shan, a mermaid, is sent to assassinate Xuan, a developer who threatens the ecosystem of her race, but ends up falling in love with him instead. Suet Lam as Axe Gang Vice-head.

The mainland cut simply jumps from the shot of Sing's head being punched through the ground to the low angle shot of The Beast pulling his fist up. One day, the two visit the run down Pigsty Alley claiming to be Axe Gang members, and attempt to threaten the residents before being chased off by the slum's Landlady. So disarmingly eager to please that only a stone-faced kung fu purist could object.

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Luckily it was just me and my friend in the movie theatre, so I could let it all out. Goofs When the Landlord comes into Tailor's shop at the beginning of the movie, Jane is holding some pink material.

When she runs out in the next shot, the pink material has vanished. When the Landlords arrive at the Axe Gang's casino to settle the score, Sum sends the Beast to fight them. While aloft, he finds peace with Buddha and is finally able to deliver the mighty Buddhist Palm strike to subdue the Beast. In other projects Wikiquote. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Back at the Alley, Sing undergoes a transformation as a result of the Beast's attack. The defeat and humiliation convinced him that good guys never win, and to become a relentless criminal in order to survive in the world. Feigning surrender, he stabs them both with his hidden pins before the three get stuck in a tight hold, immobilising each other. Disguising himself as a houseboy, he indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.

Soon after this, Sing's face is punched into the ground by The Beast, and a slow motion shot of The Beast's bloody hand being raised from the ground is shown in the original cut. Fearing the Axe Gang's retaliation, the Landlady quickly evicts the trio. Audible Download Audio Books. Landlord shows that he too is a master, showing it during a fight with the harpists.

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Kung Fu Hustle

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Sony Pictures Entertainment. Slapstick silliness and martial artistry of the highest calibre. Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

King of the Monsters Debate. Lam Tze Chung as Sing's Sidekick. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turns out to be the greatest kung-fu masters in disguise. As Sing arrives at the door to the Beast's cell in the mental asylum, he hallucinates a large wave of blood rushing from the cell door, similar to a scene in The Shining. Qiu, in order to fulfill Chow's vision for the role, gained weight for the role by eating midnight snacks every day.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle features several prolific Hong Kong action cinema actors from the s. Kung Fu Hustle was her first role in nineteen years. He fully recuperates, unleashes his inner powers and becomes a Kung Fu master instantaneously. In addition to famous martial artists, Kung Fu Hustle features legends of Chinese cinema. If you go to the movies to free your imagination, nobody knows mp3 then this is the movie for you.

Chow's movie may seem nutty on the surface, but its slyness, its dreamy unfolding of so many moods and genres, becomes intoxicating. Edit Storyline Set in Canton, China in the s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member.

Chow explains the sequel will be a spiritual successor to the first one, but set in modern times. Though appearing to be a middle-aged, slovenly, and flippant man when located, the Beast is quickly shown to be a powerful and ruthless fighter. Stay away from people who say it's far-fetched and unrealistic. With the Axe Gang disbanded, the townsfolk return to their peaceful lives. Donut is also wounded, from being knocked back with so much immense force, it ruptures his entire nervous system.

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Feng Xiaogang as Crocodile Gang Boss. China Internet Information Center. The second reference is the scene in which a clerk beats Sing up on a bus. Kung Fu Hustle snaps and crackles like nuclear popcorn on a scorching griddle. The most renowned and feared chef in the world loses his title of God of Cookery because of his pompous attitude.

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Coolie is beheaded by a sword and Tailor suffers major injuries from stabs and punches. In s Shanghai, petty crooks Sing and Bone aspire to join the notorious Axe Gang, which rules the town with an iron fist under the leadership of cold-blooded Brother Sum. Instead, the user delivers powerful punches using his palm. Online Film Critics Society.

Sony Pictures Releasing International. Chow is a genius in generating extraordinary drama from the familiar. Films directed by Stephen Chow.

Sing is able to immobilized him, but is too weak for the Beast, who uses the Toad style of Kung Fu to launch Sing high into the sky, nearly killing him. Kung Fu Hustle soundtrack. Chow accepted the offer, and the project eventually became Kung Fu Hustle.