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Choose from different game modes, gameplay settings, mechs, weapons and upgrades to customize your experience freely. Peace Walker and the original Metal Gear, as Big Boss wakes up from a nine-year coma in to rebuild his mercenary paradise.

Brigador Brigador is the rare kind of game that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. The first time you line up your crosshairs on some plus incoming enemy fighters and let loose that wave of missiles will give you chills. Blazkowicz's twin daughters Jessica and Sophia embark on a mission to find their father who has disappeared within a Nazi controlled Paris, France.

MechWarrior Online

It's still a punishing game where one split-second mistake can spell defeat, but Brigador rewards those who can stomach its challenge. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Customize your bunker, strengthen your gang and overthrow the corporate government. We've been very busy behind the scenes, I can assure you! Together, they must battle an unrelenting army alone and reunite their shattered family.

The Mech Combat Card Game

Mech games are often gloomy and overly serious, but Double Fine brings a fun absurdity that perfectly complements the simplistic joy of blowing aliens back to hell. If you can find a friend to play against, few games will rival the insane scale of Supreme Commander's battles. There's a good deal of variety to play around with too.

The game has a unique art style, deep combat systems, and a huge world to explore and discover. While mech games span all kinds of genres, they are bound together by the simple truth that piloting suits of mechanized armor into combat is a fantasy that never gets old. Techniconica is a mech combat card game where you take control of one or more modular fighting machines known as Mechanised Environmental Constructs or Mechs for short.

32 Best Mech games for Playstation 4

With an overly complex skill tree and an unintuitive menu system, MechWarrior Online isn't exactly friendly to newcomers. The Thunder pattern offers one of the highest visibility of any Mech cockpit, offering near full degree vision out of the front of the Mech. But make no mistake, realflight 7.5 MechWarrior Online is a great mech game in its own right.

New enemy types are readily introduced as well, which gives Iron Brigade a steady pace that makes it hard to pull yourself away from. This game sees you, the player, collect and assemble a collection of Mech parts that you then assemble into powerful fighting machines. The game expands on conventions of the genre by adding a wide variety of diverse, powerful vehicles to pilot.

Read our the latest blog entries to find out more about the behind the scenes facts about the game and the way it is! Power, agility, and flitting from objective to objective while raining death and destruction wherever you go makes you feel like a robot god.

More fun is the battlefield work of trying to shave off just enough of that enemy Masakari or Thor so that you can salvage it, repair it, and bring it into your next battle. Don't make the mistake of thinking Iron Brigade is yet another tower defense game where you place rows of static defenses that usher waves of stupid enemies into killboxes, however. The Distant Light is an indie sci-fi Metroidvania game from developer Resonator. Please go to overridegame. It's both extremely fast-paced and precise, and you'll need to choose your shots carefully even as you frantically weave down city streets avoiding fire from dozens of enemy units.

Associated with the Mech genre

Associated with the Mech genre

Forever altered through horrible experimentation, she now possesses the very abilities humanity will need to push back the doomsday clock. The game also features a progression system similar to the first game, but more weapons and weapon customization are included. The pilot also has the option of fitting optional rear and side facing cameras which link through to internal monitors, giving the pilot a full degree view of their surroundings. But, you can handle it and set things straight. Control powerful mechs from the future to defeat an alien threat.

19 Best Mech games for Xbox One

King of Blast is a fighting game set in the Zoids universe. While the temptation to go in guns blazing is always present, hit-and-run guerilla tactics are often the better strategy.

The Mech Combat Card Game

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32 Best Mech games for Playstation 4

19 Best Mech games for Xbox One

Plus, you have mutants of the aquatic flair on your plate, too. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. It's up to you to build the machine that will return the earth to normal. Whatever your preference, there's a mech game for you.

It's all gone quiet on here, but we aren't dead! You start off piloting a fairly standard space fighter, but pretty soon come across an experimental piece of military hardware called the Strike Suit. When the players gained enough points to summon a Titan, a Titan then descends from the sky. It's a mech power fantasy unlike anything else.

Armored Freedom is an intense strategy board game where giant robots fight for dominance. Unveil hidden secrets within special action cards. Who or what could be leading this threat against Mars, and the new planned perfect utopia for humanity? Despite packing in a much more robust multiplayer, the sequel couldn't compete against the other popular shooters of that year and its population quickly declined.

Exceptional customization Arm your mech with massive sniper rifles, powerful cannons, explosive rocket launchers, and much, much more. The bombs have fallen, and the world has long since been covered in frost by a nuclear winter. You swim right smack in the middle of a violent turf war between disgruntled and well-armed rig workers. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

In those moments, you're anticipating an arm being blown off, or whether your Raven will dodge that Gauss cannon. There's a lot of depth here too, as each faction has their own strategies, like the Cybran navy's ability to sprout legs and walk on land.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Earn Kudos and Experience in battle and unlock a wide collection of AirMechs and Units while you practice the perfect strategy to emerge victorious! This is a limited time offer! No matter how you approach combat, Brigador always shines in the moment-to-moment action.

Order by relevance New release first Old release first Cheaper first Most expensive first. There's a balance that you'll want to maintain, however, as more powerful mechs mean weaker stationary tower defenses.