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Different colors indicate the severity of alarms. The red color indicates that alarm is critical and orange indicates that alarm is major.

When prompted to enter the directory where you want to install moshell, it is recommended to enter the same directory as the previous revision of moshell. Hi, Can Moshell be installed on a Mac? The one comes with latest Moshell but can take only one cell measure at a time. Counters are a good help in troubleshooting, windows server 2008 r2 standard activation crack improving and managing the network.

The main goal of this study was to create a help guide that helps to manage and analyze radio network with counters. Anne Hannila for helping me with the linguistic aspects of the study. Counters have to be active so that values can be col- lected and analyzed.

This study contains eight chapters that will explain to the reader what per- formance counters are. The performance statistics data consists of a number of predefined counters.


Open a new cygwin terminal window. Surya Reddy Lakshminarasimha.

Command Line Interface

Hi, first i want to thank you for the post. For example to make a file essay. All the main performance statistics information can be found with pmr com- mand, which lists performance statistics from the node. Now close the Cygwin window.

For the writer, this study gave new points of view about the importance of managing radio access network and its functioning. Monitoring the network performance is very important part of large telecom- munication system. Remember me on this computer. Statistic chart establishment of performance measurements are done with user-defined or pre-defined scanner reports.

This means that transmission power is constant while it adjusts data rate. The idea of this guide is to help network monitoring and troubleshooting. These are just examples of terminal properties, you can change them to fit your needs.

Normally, the users are con- trolling the performance statistics administration through profiles in the net- work. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer.

MoShell Ericsson

For your safety the old revision gets moved to a different location so you can still access it if needed. Xdefaults file will not be read meaning that rxvt looks horrible! We'll connect to the machine fubar. Otherwise everything went as planned and the study was carried out commendably. Use pwd to see what directory you are in.

Ad- justment of data rate is called link adaptation. This interface is called Uu.

MOSHELL Commands v14

MacOs is of course a flavor or Unix. See print for information on our local intelligent print command. New uplink channel that is introduced for Enhanced Uplink is not shared be- tween users, but is dedicated to a single user. When the scheduler per- forms resource allocation, it has two objectives. This copies the file jabber in the directory poems to the current directory.

The final part of this thesis, monitoring of network performance, was not completely successful since presenting the tools of monitoring would have required real traffic load within node. The MoShell is a network tool used by Ericsson employees and it is the most important tool when there is need to integrate, upgrade, tune, troubleshoot or monitor the Radio Access Network.

MOSHELL Commands v14

Up to four codes can be used to increase the uplink data rate. Inter frequency handover is done between cell which use different carriers.

Delete all and copy all from. Performance statistics are generated from live traffic from the radio part and from the transport network.

MoShell Ericsson

This is one of our public workstations and is fairly fast. This feature consists of two functions that are performance statistics and performance recording. The main functions of the Radio Base Station are power control, channel coding, spreading and scrambling and modulation. Yellow color indi- cates minor alarm and blue color indicates warning.

Hard handover means that before a new radio link is established, all the ear- lier radio links must be released. Summary of this study are discussed in chapter eight. However, presentation of manifestation of the counters in management tools was successful and that was the main point. Operators use the Performance Management feature to monitor traffic situations in the net- work.

If user needs to see more detailed description of the fault, double click alarm and smaller window appears where alarm details are listed. It is possible to see all the logs from the node, or at certain period of time.