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For instance, the Defiant is a combat vessel as is the B'rel, while the Galaxy class is more of an all-around vessel with ample use in science and diplomatic-related missions. It doesn't really help that the instructions for using the game are printed on an immense awkward, foldout poster. He criticised the lack of end product to the game, in that there was no point at which it was completed. From this screen, a user picked a class to build, or was able to manage and refit ships already added to the fleet.

Once the ship is equipped, you select a crew from a wide assortment of Star Trek characters spanning the Star Trek movies and all four of the Star Trek series. Sometimes, the main grid would cut away to different animations related to the mission.

The program was quite similar to the original Starship Creator but featured a number of new features and a slightly rearranged ship lineup. Each crewmember has a short bio as well as statistics ranging from skills to what percentile they graduated at in Starfleet Academy. Star Trek portal Video games portal. Missions run the gamut of classic Star Trek fare, from the initial shakedown run to exploring gravimetrical anomalies to exploring strange, where can i lost season 6 for new worlds and going where no one has gone before.

Star Trek Starship Creator Deluxe Download ( Strategy Game)

But, in the end, it really doesn't matter which class you choose since it really boils down to how you use what you've got and the crew manning the vessel. Once a ship was taken to this point, it was possible to go back to each and every previous screen and modify each of the parameters.

The computer voice is provided by Majel Barrett-Roddenbury. Starship Creator allows for players to create their own starships, equipping it with technology from the Star Trek universe. This screen showed a three-dimensional representation of the ship, which could be inspected from any angle.

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Systems activity and communications between the crew were listed in a dialog box to the bottom of the screen. The mission could be run in real time or slightly accelerated. The Next Generation is also present. For the most part, you don't participate in the mission. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The graphics were nothing particularly special or novel, and were quite similar to the ones found in the Encyclopedias or technical manuals. Do not attempt to make contact, simply report back with your findings.

This was intended so that players could include themselves on the crew. New Frontier series of books. There is also the ability to import photos into the game to create new characters, as well as writing the related biographies. This aspect certainly detracts from gameplay.

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The ability to make your own missions is wonderful but the execution of creating those missions may make you more frustrated than inspired, at least at first. Once a ship was decommissioned, the appropriate amount of credits were refunded to the user account. Upon the purchase of a ship hull, the ship whose hull had been purchased was added to the user's fleet inventory, and the user proceeded to the structure screen. Additionally, you can choose which branch of Starfleet you'd like to be in from the maroon of command to the gold of security.

The mission could be aborted at any time, returning the user to the fleet screen. Also, energy requirements prevented large amounts of equipment from being installed. This ability was the source of a cheat, as the same ship could be imported and decommissioned multiple times, in each instance refunding the same amount of credits to the user's account. To really get use from it, you have to find a wall big enough to pin it on, then keep running from it to your computer and back again. If a ship entered battle or a hazardous situation, it could take damage.

Sound is decent but it tends to be very loud fortunately an option to turn it down is available. Each vessel has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Voyager and, of course, the Constitution Class from the original Star Trek series. Reception by critics for Starship Creator was negative, with criticism directed at the gameplay and graphics, and the suggestion was made that the game would only appeal to Star Trek fans. You watch the ship and the Captain's Log that reports any problems with which your handpicked crew has to deal. The mission creator features drag-and-drop editing and seems deceptively simple at first but includes a great many steps to remember when creating your own missions. Each mission, when successfully completed, rewards you with a certain amount of money and the missions get harder and are worth considerably more money as you progress.

New Frontier series of books to the game. After a mission had been selected from the fleet screen, it was run from here. It also included seven new missions, as well as the ability to send two ships on a mission at the same time. Enjoyment Very enjoyable though the game requires a steep learning curve to master the mission creator, especially at the beginning. Each item costs a certain amount of credits, which limits how much equipment you can provide.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. Some of the later missions are considerably easier if you have more than one ship and, in fact, some seem impossible without a second ship or more. Fix any problems the ship may have. All vessels in the fleet could be managed from this screen.

The success of a mission sometimes depended on the presence or absence of a system or component. Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings. As the game progressed, more options for customizing a ship and newer missions were available. Because of this function, the sequel was often packaged with Dominion Wars. The number of personnel in the crew complement was determined by the number of crew quarters units that had been installed at the Systems screen.

Star Trek Starship Creator Warp 2 Download (2000 Simulation Game)

Elements in the game were created in conjunction with the technical advisers for the series and films, such as Mike and Denise Okuda. The entire process is largely hands-off.

Also, the export of ships to the upcoming c. You can even put yourself in the crew provided you have a scanned photograph of yourself. The ship traveled across a two-dimensional grid, while symbols and icons related to the mission appeared on the grid. It also added the ability to customise the registry numbers on the starships created by the user.

The ship was then recorded into the fleet inventory. Once completed, use the rebuilt ship to perform various missions and gain money for improvements or buy more ships and create a battle group.

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The user could select a variety of Starfleet personnel as crew, ranging from the main characters to minor characters from the four Star Trek series that existed at the time. The starships featured in the game are a cross section from all of the television series seen so far. Starship Creator Deluxe in late which added further starships, missions and customization. Very enjoyable though the game requires a steep learning curve to master the mission creator, especially at the beginning.