The Book Of Gimp

Chapter 1 was a real eye-opener

It delivers no-nonsense, practical coverage based on real-world projects you can see and download from the above mentioned web site. Instead, as you follow along with Michael J. The result is a high level of customization as demonstrated by the large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community. But I don't like cheaply-made stinky books you know what I mean.

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The Free & Open Source Image Editor

Qua book, the only complaint that I would make is that the headings and subheadings could be a font-size or two more distinct from one another. Beats the competition by teaching the program from cover to cover. The only book to teach the entire program, including all built-in filters and third-party plug-ins. The two topics are conceptually separate but impossible to separate in practice.

A Review of The Book of GIMP

Each chapter talks about different topics such as selections, masks, anti-aliasing, color spaces and blending, photo enhancements, and many more. It's quite pleasant to handle, albeit surprisingly heavy even given its pages.

With its many tools, filters, and various other features, users may find it a bit challenging to grasp everything. If I wait until I finish reading the entire book before writing a review, by then the second edition will be out. After the Cotton by Pat David cba. This low-cost alternative runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Several examples of plug-ins high resolution, four-color glossy prints serve as tutorials and inspiration to any reader.

Original Artwork Creation background image by David Revoy cb. Comprehensively covers the program by teaching readers all aspects ranging from installing, to scripting, to working faster and more efficiently through shortcuts. The book starts from the very beginning.

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Chapters on color functions and drawing and painting methods show how to make the most of this wonderful alternative to similar applications for other platforms. While this book does not teach readers how to be artists, it offers plenty of examples to inspire new ideas and grab on to the power and versatility of the application. Numbered steps and an abundance of color images walk the reader through real-world examples of color correction, image enhancement, collage, photo montage, rendering, and web-graphics creation. However, the paper book isn't all that convenient for searching. In the first chapter the authors cover a lot of ground very quickly, and in places there are somewhat abrupt changes in topic.

The more important editing functions are presented in individual workshops. It explains the function of every menu item and offers tips for everyday use. With various colored images and screenshots, this book easily teaches its readers the basic knowledge of adjusting colors and image contrasts to the more advanced techniques of layers and masks.

From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination.

The Official Handbook is written by two Gimp experts and is the most comprehensive source of information available on this freely distributed image-manipulation program for the Open Source community. First a note or two about the actual book. Other books gloss over key features and focus on learning the program quickly, wwe money in the bank pc game or are theoretical and provide no practical information on the product.

The Free & Open Source Image Editor

From Novice to Professional will be the perfect guide to get you through that learning curve. It was well worth the effort.

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