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Students access social websites in unsafe ways. Computers and software have become present everywhere.

Though not entirely free from blemishes, these new texts should go some way in helping beginners get acquainted with the basic concepts in the subject and their applications. Long Answer Question - Based on texts to test global comprehension along with analysis and extrapolation. Lastly, house md season 3 even teaching shops see red as they fear loss of business if the higher secondary finalists can get their skills upgraded without buying their help. Scroll down to download pdf file English.

What job did Saheb take up? Also suggest a suitable title. Saheb took up work at a tea stall, where he had to perform several odd jobs, including getting milk from the milk booth. Long Answer Question - Based on texts to test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the texts to bring out the key messages and values.

Vocabulary such as word formation and inference of meaning will also be tested. In their anxiety to show spectacular performance, some states are overly lenient-in marking answer papers.

Read the given poem carefully. They have to work in the glass furnaces with high temperature in dingy cells without air and light. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The numbers seem to be growing every year.

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The passages can be literary, factual or discursive to test comprehensions. To top it all, they live in unhygienic conditions where there is a lack of basic amenities too. This forced them to come to India, where they settled in the slums of Seemapuri.

Lost Spring Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 12 English

They work in deplorable conditions and many lose their eyesight early. Long Answer Question - Based on understanding appreciation, analysis and interpretation of the character sketch. Realising the potential, however, is not going to be easy. This shows that they are not devoid of hope. All India Modified Answer.


They and the other ragpickers left their homes many years ago and migrated to India in search of a livelihood, as their homes and fields were destroyed in storms. Saheb is not happy working at the tea stall. Why could the bangle makers not organise themselves into a cooperative? Notify me of new posts by email. Read the given passage carefully.

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Not that there are no national standards or standards-enforcing agencies. They are devoid of all enthusiasm and do not dare to dream of anything better. About ragpickers live here.

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Write any two ironical state made by the writer in both the stories? Very helpful for everyone. The length of one passage should be between words.

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How even the standards vary widely. The area does not have facilities of sewage, drainage or running water. The whole syllabus is divided in Reading skills, Writing-grammar and literature. These are an integral part of the information superhighway that students access for academic purposes.

For more study material for English please click here - English. These people conspire against and exploit the poor bangle makers. If they tried to organise themselves, they would be beaten by up the police and put in jail. But the author notices that his face has lost its carefree look, which makes it evident that he is not happy.

Garbage is gold to the ragpickers of Seemapuri because it provides them items which can be sold for cash, which can buy them food and is a means of survival. It is a slum area located on the periphery of Delhi.

Teachers do not like to be compelled to look at textbooks they are not familiar with. Click to View or Download pdf file.

Create question papers online in minutes with your name and logo. Though Mukesh belongs to a poor family which is engaged in bangle making, he dreams of becoming a motor mechanic when he grows up. The bangle makers of Firozabad make beautiful bangles and make everyone happy but they live and die in squalor.

These ragpickers have lived here for more than thirty years without any identity. Summary Students access social websites in unsafe ways, putting themselves in danger. The residents of Seemapuri consist of people who left Bangladesh in the War and are basically refugees. Besides, they are victims of exploitation by those above them and also suffer the consequences of blind belief in traditions. Do you think he will be able to fulfil his dream?

How is Mukesh different from the other bangle makers of Firozabad? They toil day and night, but are not paid appropriate wages and are steeped in poverty.

The bangle makers in Firozabad are exploited at the hands of the Sahukars, middlemen, policemen, law makers, bureaucrats and politicians. The bangle makers could not organise themselves into a cooperative because they were trapped in the vicious circle of sahukars, middlemen, policemen, up bureaucrats and politicians. Besides, he has to face a number of obstacles in the form of sahukars, middlemen, bureaucrats, law makers, politicians etc.