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Was this review helpful to you? Meanwhile, Jebin realizes that there is something eerie about the place when he stumbles onto some hidden paintings of his dad that seem to predict the future. His long-time girlfriend Aarathy Sanchita is the only person who can handle his moods. Jebin Ashok Selvan is a budding writer waiting to get his work published. Jebin sets out to find the secret behind the paintings and the misfortune it has brought upon him.

It's neither a horror nor thriller film, it heavily relies on suspense and deception. One night, an ecstatic Jebin plays the Victorian piano. So others can find this clip. During the process, the estate agent gets injured in a freak accident by the cast-iron gate, scaring away potential buyers who view this as a bad omen. In the chaos, Jebin's best friend loses his legs.

Frustrated, Jebin furiously tries to complete his second novel. Jebin even finds some paintings depicting a man and a woman getting married, and the man eventually killing the woman.

The use of limited characters doesn't steer away one's attention from the film, which is not so easy to comprehend in the first watching. Audible Download Audio Books. With Jebin dead, Aarthi quickly seduces and marries an up-and-coming movie director. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil.

Music and Cinematography adds grip to the already tight screenplay. Kudos to Music, camer, lighting, screen play, actors and the entire team! Initially the house brings him good luck, but as days roll on, eeriness prevail and disturbs through the paintings in the house.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. However, it is revealed that Aarthi's killer in the painting that Jebin assumed was him is actually Aarthi's new husband, the movie director. What is wrong with the house and how it is connected with the artwork forms the rest of the story. Vidharth, Pooja Devariya, Aishwarya Rajesh. Will he be able to overcome the evil that lurks in the shadows and live to tell his tale?

Yes, the scares here are really few but the film works more as a slow-burning supernatural thriller. When Aarthi sees that Jebin has taken his own life before legally marrying her, she realises she has no claim over his estate. Here's what Ananya Panday has to say about the link up rumours with Kartik Aaryan. She particularly shows interest in one dual faced painting.

Meanwhile, Aarthi returns to Chennai to seek permission from her father for their marriage, leaving Jebin alone in the villa. You have already rated this movie. Edit Storyline Jebin Ashok Selvan is a budding writer waiting to get his work published.

He notices that it is similar to the floor plan of the villa given to him by his lawyer. Not as good as the original Pizza but the climax was noteworthy. Jebin also finds the identities and whereabouts of prior owners.

The Villa - Pizza 2 Movie Review

As he probes each room in the villa, he stumbles upon a secret door behind a wardrobe. To pay off the debts, he makes a visit to the villa for valuation. Meanwhile, Jebin stumbles upon a few paintings in his new abode and strange things begin to happen. Not too long after that, Jebin wins a prestigious literary award and critical acclaim for his debut novel, as depicted in one of his father's paintings. Join the discussion contains spoiler.

He then begins to conduct more experiments using a tuning fork within the villa compound. But after seeing framed paintings by his father, he calls his girlfriend Aarthi, who is an art student, phoster app to accompany him to the villa. Devanesan conjectures that the villa may have the left-over negative energy of prior owners as symptoms manifest psychic phenomena.

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Villa will have Dolby Atmos sound. Suryah was also added to the cast, but his role was not disclosed to the public. Vaibhav Reddy and Sanchita Shetty were cast as the lead pair at first. Assuming that his father predicted that he would end up killing Aarthi, Jebin sets fire to himself and the villa to prevent him from harming the girl he loves. Make sure you are surrounded by at least a dozen ppl as this movie will scare the fk out of you.

He wrote the script in three weeks and submitted it to the producer, who thought of building it up as a franchise. The second installment in the franchise follows the life of an ambitious writer Jebin, struggling to find a publisher for his maiden book.

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In contrast, we had a cute romantic set-up in Pizza that made us feel concerned about the fate of the lead pair. Villa is that it's even more complex than Pizza, and when compared the former only leaves you unsatisfied. No connection whatsoever to Pizza, which was an excellent movie! At minutes this is a well scripted, beautifully described work just like the paintings in the movie. Reminder Successfully Set!

Will he be able to solve the mystery before it is too late? The characters are limited and hence are well defined.

According to the author of that blog post, Pizza cheated its audiences with a story within a story of a story. The strings get jammed abruptly. But in the other areas, this movie is fresh and special in its own right. Was expecting the movie to become a thriller but before that the movie ended. She had hoped to secure the money Jebin would gain from his book sale and selling the villa.

Pizza II Villa

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The soundtrack album was composed by Santhosh Narayanan. Aarthi urges Jebin not to sell the villa. Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Parthiban. The untimely death of his father crushes his confidence to pulp, forcing him to succumb to defeat.

What would you like to discuss? Watch our trailer of trailers. Advertisement - opens new tab. Jebin slowly realises that his father had precognition skills and concludes that his paintings may predict future events.

Jebin, a struggling writer, tries to sell off a villa belonging to his dead father but strange events happen inside the place. Now a year later, this movie has borrowed its title and along with it some of the original cast.

Pizza II Villa Tamil in HD - Einthusan