Voices Of Passion

Voices of Passion is the first virtual instrument to feature true legato intervals American and Wales only. EastWest Voices Of Passion quantity.

The variety of sounds is enormous, as can be seen by a quick look at the instrument list above. Your email address will not be published. From Bulgaria to Syria, whose vocal representative performs elaborate phrases with that unmistakable Middle Eastern melismatic delivery. There's no doubt in my mind that it's the best way to produce effective legatos from a sampled instrument, and here it adds a silky sheen to the violin's emotional delivery and expressive vibrato. This is also the first virtual instrument or sample library created specifically for use in ambient or new age music.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The password field is case sensitive. My hunch is that this library will be especially popular among composers who do a lot of scoring.

Wall mounting your keyboards? If you like the singer's voice as I did but don't need the words, you can use her portamento slides and sustained vowel sounds, both based on legato intervals, to great effect. Special offers and discounts may not be combined. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Reviewing these wildly disparate sound libraries gave me the opportunity to get more familiar with the Play audio engine.

Sounds Online uses cookies. Salam alaikoum How i get this album. Both platforms require an iLok key not included. It's a simple, flexible and effective system that enables you to quickly build complex setups without having to continually look at a cluttered screen. Like certain ghastly war criminals, bandoneons originated in Germany and later appeared in Argentina, where unlike the Nazi fugitives they play a prominent role in tango orchestras.

Voices Of Passion Features

The Middle Eastern and Indian phrases are presented in a construction kit format allowing users to create very long consistent performances. Mod-wheel controls entry point on ethnic phrases.

Previous article Next article. Syria, India, Bulgaria, Wales, and America. As a consequence, each of the three Play titles is an artistic success. There's also some quarter-tone stuff going on which sounds out of tune to our European ears until you realise it's deliberate. Sample libraries don't get much better than these, and any composer with an ear for sound will find much inspirational material in them.

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Voices of Passion features five stunning female artists singing vowels, words, morphing vowels, effects, phrases, calls, whispers and breath noises. Like the other libraries in this review, the recordings and performances are terrific. Load the Bulgarian Master patch, for example, and you're presented with a series of chromatically pitched phrases that you can switch between. Well, that's the short-form review. Cons While Gypsy covers the popular bases very well, its instrumentation doesn't offer total authenticity for all gypsy-related music.

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Erunsmagazine Quantum Leap's Voices Of Passion brings you more of the same in the shape of five solo female vocalists from different corners of the world. Pros Gypsy's instruments offer plenty of musical and timbral choice within their ethnic niche. Captive Audience uncredited Perry M. Simon of Cyrene as Jarreth Merz.

Naturally, I can't understand the Bulgarian singer's lyrics, but even if it turns out she's actually asking someone to call her a minicab, the sound of her voice is still mighty evocative. That's how much personality these performances capture. Barabbas as Pedro Sarubbi. As a wife you held Ali The lion of Allah, his mission to achieve You both are the pinnacle of purity Worship and strength were your belief. How did they get that in the car on the way to the studio?

Captive Audience Productions uncredited J. Voices Of Passion is a great source of atmospheric female vocal performances. Accompanying this haughty string-flailing are flamenco dancer percussive foot noises, castanet hits and a set of monosyllabic male vocal utterances, evidently intended to encourage the dancer. Erunsmagazine What I found was a very satisfying mix of ethnic and processed percussion, presented as separate hits and also blended together in various fiendishly clever ways. Its dim, dreamy twang is terrific for melodies and arpeggios, with grace notes and tremolandos adding to the mysterious, slightly oriental atmosphere.

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The articulation is deliberately blurred and breathy and the words are indistinct, surrogates full movie the intention being to provide a set of multi-purpose syllables that can be combined into quasi-phrases. You can make the phrases start later with the mod wheel for more variety.

The mod wheel is critical to the execution of convincing performances. Audible Download Audio Books. Videos Watch the Tutorial. Even though the singers cover a considerable range of sounds, the American and especially Welsh singers lean toward the breathy, ethereal side. There's a sense of devotion about these projects, the long months spent recording and programming seeming to go well beyond the call of duty.

Voices of Passion

If accordions are your thing, you're going to love this library. You are a perfect example of how A daughter, wife, and mother should be Your piety and pure character Shows us how a woman should be.


The brutal metallic graphics alone are enough to scare anyone half to death, so it was with trembling fingers that I tore open the box and installed the library. Another is you can use the left, right, or both channels of a vocal different channels use different mics but if you use only one, you can synthesize a stereo spread.

The drum performances are comprehensive and varied, and it's good to hear brushes as well as sticks used on some of them. There are also presets with individual articulations, and some with true legato. Jim Caviezel uncredited Jeffrey P.

It would be worth the effort, as the performances are excellent. Terms and conditions apply. The violinist on this project deserves a drink too, as his legato performances use nearly samples.

In general the programming makes Voices of Passion easy to play, which seems to be EastWest's overall philosophy these days. Play a string of moody string chords, pick the right vocal phrase, add some reverb, and the effect is absolutely spine-chilling. Captive Audience Productions uncredited. Evocative, fascinating, and unique.