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The number keys are a disappointment as they don't feel very tactile. The dimensions we quote on our specifications page relate to the handset in its closed position. There's much more going on with this handset. The best ways to sell or trade in your old iPhone. The Wi feels chunky in the hand.

Sony Ericsson wi Screensavers. Top Sony Ericssonwi games are freely downloadable. As with other fresh replicas, the menu and working interface are quick and very born. Download Sony Ericsson wi games free. Sony Ericsson wi Wallpapers.

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Sony Ericsson W550i

Lastly setting let you mount custom setting for your phone from a series of alternate suppliers. For those gagging for stats. This loses the rather nice non-slip rubbery feel of the orange fascia, however.

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Games choice talks for itself actually, or does it? Choose free java games for Sony Ericsson wi mobile phone. Find free Sony Ericsson wi games download. The phone is light, cprm dvd player now grams and although the compatible backside bank.

Features The Wi is much more than just a music handset, but that feature grabs the headlines. Visit manufacturer site for details. Pics are full by a sole switch, however the phone wants to be congested. When, where and how to get the most cash for your used iPhone.

With fantastic backdrop as you snowboard your way lengthwise assail courses or downhill. Whenever asset the mobilephone horizontally for betting, two softkeys mentioned the display present a pseudo console manage buttons. Interestingly, you can only use it with the number pad hidden. Six websites that turn your used electronics into money.

Sony Ericsson W550iSony-Ericsson Wi games for free. Download games for Sony-Ericsson Wi

You can as well find movies from this choice, a rapid checking from let me catch imagery of nearly something. The earliest game is Great Air Snowboarding, as the game booty the graphics now find amplified and amplified. Tap-to-pay cards are coming on strong. The camera feature arrives with a camera switch which permits the user to function the camera rapidly.

Sony Ericsson Wi

On the cartwheel surface, without a lens cover, sporadic camera dusting may be necessary. Gadget collecting dust in a junk drawer? Swivel it open and the story is different, with the handset becoming a lanky mm tall.

Popular Sony Ericsson wi games download are available. Hot Sony Ericsson wi games are available. If you're buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Sony-Ericsson Wi games for free. Download games for Sony-Ericsson Wi

Battery life was great too. Performance As a music handset the Wi does reasonably well. Fortunately, you can do most things apart from manually dialling calls without bothering with the number pad. Just like the Wi, you can set it to function either in full handset mode or in music mode only. The screen is relatively small, but with K colours and x pixels, it is sharp and bright.

The Wi's number pad is hidden away, so it looks like a slider, but in fact, like a confused breakdancer, it actually rotates. Accessories permit you to check over from the accessories that came with the phone, and a diversity of items you can buy for the phone.

The Bottom Line The Wi is a small but chunky handset with a bevy of neat features but some odd omissions. Tap the tiny power button that sits on the top edge and the screen bursts into action, giving you more orange in the wallpaper. You swivel the handset around a navigation pad that sits beneath the screen to reveal the number pad. There are a few games on board, and the handset drops into landscape format to play these, making for a particularly console-like gaming experience. Phone Search Advanced Search.

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The Walkman handset marches forward with the new Wi, a smaller, more youthful take on the concept that is in many ways a more desirable handset. Voice calls were fine, with good volume and connectivity. It's very difficult to use it to frame a shot. Sony Ericsson wi Software. Still, if you don't like the main colour, which Sony Ericsson calls Vibrant Orange, you can snap the spare fascia in place, downshifting to a more subtle Orchid White.

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